If youre looking for an all-in-one aesthetic weekly planner template that incorporates databases, this is the one for you. (He is.) It depends on your goals and how much control and flexibility you want. You scan through the highlights, things you were grateful for, and things you let go. I liked this process because I used Google Calendar as a record of how I actually spent my time. Work out what works for you and stick with it. For example, as a freelance writer, I want a robust database for my client and business projects. Although it is quite a clear view of the week, it has a couple of disadvantages. To start, this type of planner is a pretty large table, so it wont fit on one page. But in my experience, these apps are seriously limited in other important ways. If it aint broke, dont fix it. This is a list of the best Notion templates around the web, ones you can download and duplicate into your Notion workspace - and ones from creators who have mastered the art of Notion. He holds a BSc in Sports Coaching from Brighton University and an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from Brighton University. Use the Odyssey All-in-One Notion Planner template to plan your travels, personal life, and work life in a digital workspace and stay productive while youre jet-setting around the globe! Here are a few main advantages of planners that are based on a database: - Different views (table, kanban, calendar, timeline), - Weekly view, kanban style, grouped by days of the week, - A table view, a database of my tasks with a GTD concept, ## Weekly planner | Grouped view by weekdays. To customize a block so that the words have a colour, and the block background has a colour, you first select the block colour, then highlight the word and select the text colour. If so, not to worry. If you like having granular control over your to-do list and don't mind creating a completely custom task manager dashboard at the outset (or using my Notion task list template! Below is a screenshot of my main Dashboard. For those who prefer simplicity, weve added another version of the weekly planner. I created a database (creatively titled "To-Do List"). Another benefit of using a database with calendar view is that you are able to stretch tasks that take more than one day. Additionally, you can still plan out the weeks, months, and workdays ahead. This small collection of dividers can customize your text to suit your style. For those who like the presentation of a non-database weekly spread but also like the convenience of a database manager, this is the best of both worlds, and it takes a few minutes to setup. While that may sound permanent, everything you delete in the app goes into the trash bin before you choose to get rid of it for good. This also solves one of the biggest complaints about the monthly Notion agenda template: it was a bit too general. Those conditions will be: Task deadline is more than 1 month in the past. It contains all the guidance I need to have a productive week, without containing too many distractions. Each database view can be achieved with simple filters. The Internet made meeting likeminded people much easier. When I create a new project from a template, it automatically populates with a filtered, linked to-do list database. Plus get instant access to my library of on-the-go style downloads! This will hide all incomplete tasks from the list. To overcome it, weve created a Mobile view. I love that it is so simple (and I learned how to create and use a template!) You shouldnt have to plan to plan; it should be automatic. Grab your 14-Day Free Trial of Skillshare for in-depth classes all about Notion and everything else Skillshare Premium, Pick up your FREE Weekly Agenda Template and get started planning with Notion today! Keep in mind, this method may work better for someone who doesnt do a lot of archiving. This template pack has 3 separate planning systems in 1 to choose from based on your preferred planning style by the day, week, or month! Notion doesn't offer an Archive feature for tasks out of the box, but there is a workaround that'll archive tasks upon completion with the click of a button. I should also mention that all of the elements are endlessly movable. We have also created a simple version of a weekly agenda - check below, You wont need to constantly switch views on laptop and mobile - Notion saves the last opened view for each device separately, Simplified version: checkbox-based weekly agenda, Date and time of last edits to access recently changed task, A status of your task, in calendar and list views appears as checkbox, A due date of the task. One of the best parts of this tool is that it comes with tons of Notion templates. You can think of a database on Notion as filing cabinets that contain tons of information and data. Disclaimer: The weekly planners shown are my real planners. If you have a large Notion database with old entries that pile up and need to be archived, database filters are the best function for this. The weekly calendar is hardly usable on mobile - you need to open each day to see the tasks within, this you dont see the whole picture. Its super flexible. So why wait? With two central databases, planner and tasks plan your days, weeks and months, map out your tasks each day or week by time and priority, stay motived with automatic productivity summaries and ratings, monitor your efficiency with automatic task progress bars, track your daily mood and habits, set daily affirmations, and so much more. Additionally, keeping records of your work can help you in other areas such as goal setting, writing case studies, or presenting your work in a performance review. This planner is no exception, the core of it is a task database. Elegant. With a daily planner, weekly/monthly/quarterly databases, a journal, areas of life, OKRs, action items, documents, resources hub, document organizer, and more theres no shortage of value in this template! It comes ready with all essential features which allow you to set and track your short and long-term objectives. The survey found that 96% of those ages 18 to 29 own a smartphone compared with 61% of those 65 and older, a 35 percentage point difference. You just have to be ready to make up for the obvious drawbacks. Going back to my freelance project planner, here's how I've used Zapier to automate my to-do list using both Todoist and Google Calendarbut you should use the app that's most familiar to you. Download the free images below. Get 13 templates, worth $139, for a discounted rate of $59. When the week is over, you have two options: 1. This is a view I have on my main dashboard which is filtered for events (a tag I have in my task database). For your convenience, all tasks in this view have a Week day property enabled since group name contains only date. If it helps, you can color-code your titles and the listed pages to find them even faster. Instead, you get to view all the tasks laid out for the week, prioritize them, and accomplish them in time. If youre wondering why someone may want to keep old information, previous project notes and data can be extremely helpful for planning your next projects. May 1, 2023 Joschka Fischer. By integrating Notion and Zapier, Zapier can automatically create a task in your Notion to-do list daily, weekly, or monthly. If you know how to effectively use the Notion weekly planner template, you can create customized weekly plans for yourself and your team in a matter of minutes. Kickstart your self-development organize it all in one place with this aesthetic personal growth planner dashboard template! Intended to be an automated solution, the workflow is simple: Once a task is marked complete, its hidden from the main to-do list and moved to an Archive view, where its listed alongside other completed tasks. Recently, Notion made it so that you can now focus on the different weeks of the month and view them in more detail. Next, create two Views one for the To-Do List and one for the Archive. Being able to travel while working is a luxury enjoyed by digital nomads around the world, but when youre always on the go, its not easy to stay organized. For more a full overview of all the database views check out this video: The calendar view is my personal preferred view. Below is a collection of calendars between September 2022 and December 2023 with weekly pages included too. Pre-Populated Recurring Tasks | There are certain tasks that we do every week. The main types of blocks you will be using are text blocks and to-do blocks. That being said, you need to know how to set it up properly, while still maintaining a lot of detail if you know how to set it up properly. Join our Notion mailing list, and check out our library of several Notion template roundups! Visualize your most important to-do's with an agenda that lets you liberate tasks from your brain, helps you prioritize, and lets you be more deliberate about scheduling so that you're not rushing to get things done at the last minute. This classic Moleskine option, a high-quality 18-month weekly planner, comes in a variety of colors. What's a little unique about this template is the archive option, so you can see all the . Read more: Learn step-by-step how to integrate Notion and Google Calendar. All your personal data and information can be used and sold to any company affiliated with notion. Delete the to-do items and create new ones. Notion is flexible and provides different implementations for a daily and weekly planner. The best to-do list apps are the ones that let you brain-dump your tasks, organize them to your heart's content, and see all of your upcoming to-dos across all of your projects, both work and personal. Building habits and creating a well-rounded routine is so important to achieve your goals and get the results that you want. And dont forget, sharing is caring. Oftentimes Ive just outright lost things I had no choice but to call my dad and hope that hes better at organizing papers than I am. Minimize decision fatigue and let a great planning system set you off on the right path each day. It also allows for weekly, daily, monthly, and quarterly views which is great at providing you with much-needed perspective on the progress you and your team are making. The Ultimate Planner Dashboard is a robust, yet easy-to-use, dedicated planning dashboard designed to help you get organized and live more intentionally! The tool can be integrated with all other applications you and your team might be using. When she's not writing, she can be found playing with her rambunctious border collie mix, marathon training, and drinking way too much coffee. Moleskine Classic 18-Month Weekly Planner $25 $23 at Amazon. 6 5 comments And with this planner, you can create a whole plan in a matter of minutes, saving you tons of time which you can then use as you find best. This Notion template might be simple but it has lots to offer. The template, available to duplicate at the bottom of the article, nests all corresponding weeks with their parent month in the body of every month page. This is a great feature for project managers as it allows them to look at both the bigger and the smaller picture in a matter of seconds, which is very important when youre planning out tasks or projects across big or multiple teams. Long story short, your daily highlight doesn't have to be something "productive.". A database can be viewed in lots of different way the table, list, calendar, gallery, timeline and board view. You can see the projects are on Friday, and I broke them down into subtasks during the week. If you're concerned about accidentally deleting everything in your bin, Notion only allows you to delete one item at a time. Get access to my just-for-subscribers collection of beauty & style downloads. I use the `Calendar view` together with the `Table view` whenever I need to see my agenda a week or two in the future. I personally don't like the calendar as my main view, since there's no weekly calendar view option in Notion (yet). use this table. The biggest advantage of using this feature is that you get a clear and simple view of all the tasks you have to finish within the week. This is where archiving comes in handy. I'll also give you a couple of ideas for integrating Notion into your task management process in other ways, if granular customization just isn't your thing. One way you can archive your items in Notion is to delete them. Now all you need to do is drag and drop items into your archive by clicking them with your cursor and pulling them overtop of the archive page. These are broken up by the month the task was due, making it easier to sift through and see what happened and when. Claim your free copy of 2022-2023 calendar covers for Notion in 6 color way themes. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, The Best Notion Planner & Schedule Templates (Daily, Weekly & Monthly). Map out what events, tasks, and goals youd like to accomplish and come back to them whenever you need a reminder. To access completed tasks, navigate to the Archive view. The former will house incomplete tasks and the latter all of the complete ones. Linked Journal Entries | I need to see everything in one place in order to budget my time and get everything done. With a simple formula, we can create days of the week and group the tasks by those days. Stay tuned for my next Notion-themed post to learn more about how I monthly plan to keep things moving. If you are brand new to Notion and want an run through of ALL the basics in under 30 minutes check out this video. Select Move to within the options menu and choose your archive page from the list. When the week is over, you can simply delete all the items on the to-do list and make a new one for the upcoming week. Some other options could be to use different font styles or spacing out text to bring in a different feel. Below is a collection of calendars between September 2022 and December 2023 with weekly pages included too. However, this is also far from a perfect type of planner and it has some flaws. All days are spread into two rows of four columns. 2. Whats more, you cant rearrange or organize your trash bin apart from switching between all pages and in current page. If its not, the system is making your life harder, not easier. While Notion doesn't feature an archive option, you can try some workarounds instead. Use this view to access recent tasks or reflect on what youve accomplished. Great post! For more complex integrated planning use a database and experiment with the views. And to save time, I've created templates in my project planner. Weekly Agenda. However, its quick to organize items under headers, where you can group similar projects. The overarching purpose of this weekly planning system, and using Notion in general, is to build your productivity system so that it becomes your second brain. Operating and maintaining your planning system becomes second nature, and you can navigate it on autopilot. Its also a good introduction to a [productivity system](https://www.maray.ai/posts/goal-system-notion) and a [life os](https://www.maray.ai/posts/life-operating-system-v2) if you are new to Notion or want become more productive. To combat what I call, Blank Page, Blank Brain Syndrome, (yes, I just made that up,) I added template buttons with useful actions, as well as divider lines to give some visual and mental separation between list items. Each week, all I do is click that template button and a fresh page appears right there, ready for me to use. So if you want to use Notion as a to-do list, you'll need to use one task list for everythingwork and personal alike. It is just something you look forward to doing that day and will 100% make time for. You can be sure that my week looked a lot less chaotic when I was planning it, but I adjusted events' times and durations according to what really happened throughout the week. This "inbox" is a great way to see all undated tasks at a glance so that I can do them if (and when) I feel like it. I can plan out subtasks (and divide them evenly throughout the week) from there. Heres how it works: The database entries in the table below automatically go to an Archive database view after satisfying the following conditions: Task's deadline is more than 1 day in the past. This is definitely one of the standout templates on the Notion platform and is definitely worth your time. I got what I needed, thanks to Dad, and no thanks to my own planning and organization systems. When I discovered Notion, all of this changed. When I am planning for the week, I reference this checklist to ensure I completed all the steps and gathered information from all the appropriate places. Daily Planner. Instead, I point you toward Skillshare. I had documents stored in so many places it sometimes took me half a day to find what I was looking for. Its very simple. Your to-do list. There is also the option to duplicate the Notion template below the tutorial. How to create a new filter: navigate to upper right corner of database > find () > filter. Template Button in Dashboard | Ready or not, lets get set up to start really using your new Notion Weekly Planner effectively. Let's look at my freelance project planner as an example. ######You can duplicate all the planning templates here for free. This is a bit clunky, but it works for me. In the example below I share with you one database with three separate views (To-do, Archive, Delete). I've partnered with Gridfiti to offer their Ultimate Notion Templae Bundle for a discounted rate. 1. It offers a lot of functionality and is pretty easy to use. You can use built-in calendar views for all of your academic to-dos and deliverables. For any way you like to organize or think about your tasks, create a page with that view in it. It doesnt use database, only Notion formatting capabilities. You may have noticed that Notion, unlike some other project management software, doesnt feature an archive option. scaife mansion pittsburgh,
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